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Behind the Scenes- Pike's Landing General Manager

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


    As General Manager of Pike’s Landing, Diane counts taking care of guests and staff among her primary duties. She does accounting in the mornings, serves lunch, manages dinner and, naturally, checks and makes reservations. Born in Georgia, Diane has lived in Fairbanks for 40 years and worked for Pike's Landing these past 5 years. Over that time, she has had ample opportunity to form lasting relationships with her customers and guests. She has played Pacman with children too young to go to school, been invited to their birthdays, seen them graduate and get married. When people move away, they send her letters and postcards to keep in touch. These lasting relationships that she forms is her favorite, and most important part of her job.
    Managing Pike’s Landing has its own draw- Diane loves solving the challenges that the job often brings. She sometimes has to cater to huge parties of people with a phone call in the morning as her only warning. She then has to plan a menu, adjust staff to handle the large amount of people, and plan with the kitchen. Diane says that to make this sort of job happen, a good manager has to be like an old oak tree with a sturdy trunk, but the ability to bend in the wind. You have to be flexible, but you also have to be able to adjust.