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It's winter for the ducks at Pike's Waterfront Lodge

Friday, October 01, 2010

Hello all,

I know it has been a while. Things have just been very busy around here with season winding down.

Yes, it is inevitable, winter is on its way. They are calling for possible snow showers here today. Glad I wore sensible shoes. Hope everyone in Fairbanks remembers they have to slow down and be careful when driving.

So, I have to tell one funny story. Ok, maybe two. We have ducks at the hotel all summer. One day everyone was all a twitter. The staff thought that one of the ducks had gotten out. So, I run out there as I guess I am in charge of escaped ducks. LOL

The first thing I do is count the ducks. They are all there. It turns out that the wild ducks like to visit. All was well. One of the neighbors just came by to visit.

Now, my favorite duck story this year is when Susan, one of our inspectors was working and she saw a brown female duck walking around outside the pen. She started chasing it to put it back in the pen. She must have chased it for 20 minutes. Well, it finally got onto the ramp that leads down to the river and jumped in. Susan thought, oh, no how am I ever going to get this duck back?. Well, she was not about to jump in after it so she was going to go back to work and looked in the pen and lo and behold, all 8 ducks were in the pen. It was really funny, she had exuded quite a bit of energy chasing this visiting duck around. I can just imagine what the poor duck thought. I bet it won’t come back to visit for a while.

I will have to reflect and write some more about life in the hotel business shorty.

Till then,