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Spring is Springing at Pike's Waterfront Lodge

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fairbanks is slowly warming up and there is hope that Spring may arrive. The geese are here and I have heard rumors that a seagull has been seen.
Maybe I will take a drive by Creamer’s Field this evening on my way home from work.

If only, we could do something about the weatherman predicting snow.

So, let me tell you a painting story. The GM of the hotel has been painting for about a year and a half. She took a water color class and it turns out that she is really, really good at it. Michelle D and I were talked into going because Mama Kay wanted one for Mother’s Day. Michelle and I were really intimidated because we were going with Patty and she is an artist. I was convinced I would come out with refrigerator art that looked like a pre-school age child had done it.

We showed up early so we were given instructions so as to not bore the two experts that we were taking the class with.

It turns out that I am no good at shadows, but I can “ glaze “ the parts of my painting that I did not like. ( Yes, there was a lot of “ glazing” going on)

Michelle’s turned out quite nice and of course, Patty’s was excellent.

The instructor Jill, ( who has the patience of a saint) told us that the “ paint fairy” would visit us during the night and in the morning we would like our paintings much better. Michelle’s fairy came and I am still waiting on mine.

The next day we had to bring them work so we could show our co-workers. Now my daughter ( 13) had painted a picture of a flower and I have it on my desk. Mama Kay came in and grabbed that painting and told me how beautiful it was and what a great job I had done. I laughed and told her it wasn’t mine. About 20 minutes later, Marie came in and grabbed the painting my daughter had done and she also told me how beautiful it was and what a great job I had done. I did tell her as well that it wasn’t mine. I think maybe I should have just let them believe it was!.

The instructor had also told us that the left side of our brain would analyze every bit of the painting process. She was not kidding, I have no control over that part of my brain.

I do have to say it was quite relaxing once I let myself stop feeling so pressured about perfection.( Like that is ever going to happen)

Michelle and I did sign up to take another class, luckily the next one only has one shadow in it so it may be much easier.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It will be very busy around the hotel. We have a Toast Masters convention and the Prince Hall Masonic Temple convention and Wasilla HS and Colony HS and Palmer HS all at the hotel for Jazz Fest at UAF.

Till the next time,