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Summer's end is coming at Pike's in Fairbanks

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I can tell you that one of my favorite times of the year is fast approaching. In two weeks Creamer’s Field will be having the Sandhill Crane Festival.

I just love them!!!! They are all here now and I absolutely love to go there after a hard day of work and just admire them. For some reason, they seem to have a very good effect on me.

I always feel completely relaxed after just watching them for a while.

There are lots of activities for kids and adults. Events are held Aug. 20-Aug. 22nd. So, if you have the chance, you should stop by. If you are not from Fairbanks, you should call me and I will book a room for you.

You can also come and enjoy the fair. Lots of good junk food and art and crafts and rides for the kids. Lots of fun. The weather is often gloomy, but you can enjoy some rain free times.

Friday the 13th is the last day I believe. ( I will be driving to Anchorage that day so I need to find some time to go have crepes and corn fritters and elephant ears and killer shrimp. ) You get the point LOL.

Till we meet again,