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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ok, Today is the day I am going to tell you all about some of the things that the staff here at the hotel does for our guests. We do often go above and beyond the call of duty. That is why we do this job, because we really love to try and take care of our guests.

We had a family stay with us upon their arrival in Fairbanks from warm, humid Alabama. Quite a change that I am well familiar with as I moved here from Mississippi. The family has relocated here to Fairbanks for the Dad’s job.

The family stayed with us for two weeks. They consisted of Mom, Dad and two teenage sons and the best dressed Chihuahua that has ever passed our front door. The doggie was definitely dressed for the winter.

The mom had had a stroke so communicating takes a few minutes longer than usual, but was definitely one of the nicest people we met and on a daily basis she would bring the dog to visit me.

One day during breakfast, the mom had some trouble opening the butter packet so Susie Q, the morning breakfast hostess noticed that she needed help and struck up a conversation that would continue for the next several days.

During these morning conversations, the subject of food came up. As both women are Asian, rice was a topic of discussion along with Kimchee and other favorite foods.

Susie Q knew that she was really craving a home cooked meal and some good company. She decided to invite her over for a home cooked meal. Susie Q cooked her rice and marlin and Kimchee and they spent several hours together. When the sons came to pick her up, Susie invited them in and fed them as well. It was enjoyed by all.

They are now in their own place. Susie provided them with pots and pans for the new house along with moose meat and chili. A little something to tide them over until their household goods arrived.

The mom still comes by to bring the Chihuahua here to see me. The last time she was here, I gave her a list of things that she should keep in her car over the winter and what to do to get the car winterized.

This is the kind of guest that has become a lifelong friend and part of the family here at Pike’s.

PS I have been known to babysit for our guests when their babysitter falls through and dog sit for the puppy that has just had surgery and cannot be left alone.

Oh, and the occasional parrot that needs to be kept company.

This is just a small sample of the things that we try to do for our guests.

We don’t do this because we feel we have to, we do these things because we really want to and enjoy helping people and going that extra mile.

Talk to you soon,