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The Pike's Lodge Lucky Ducks

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The inquisitive guest may notice that there is a duck theme at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge. The Lucky Duck pond and pen were originally built because it was a feature that would interest children and families. The Luck Duck name comes from the Lucky Duck fortune teller in the lobby and by the trio of pluck Lucky Ducks available in the giftshop- Sitting Duck, Should’ve Ducked, and Lucky Duck. The original inspiration comes from the famous Peabody Hotel’s marching ducks. The Pike’s ducks did not always have a pen- they used to wander around the property by day and sleep under an air-conditioning unit. The only problem was that when the unit turned on at night, it would frighten the sleeping ducks. Guests complained that their startled quacking sounded like a bunch of drunks and so the Lucky Duck pen came to be.