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Tired Iron

Friday, November 18, 2011


A less grueling, but no less enjoyable snowmachine event than the Iron Dog plays out on the Chena River in front of Pike’s. The Tired Iron, a series of events that features old snow-machines and often even older riders, is always good fun. While the Iron Dog features the newest machines, the series of events that take place over two days puts the focus on old models. To qualify, the snowmachine must be made before 1979 and it must have leaf-suspension. Races are separated by varying machine type, such as air- or liquid-cooled engines and vary in length from sprints to longer races. The Tired Iron is put on the same weekend that the Iron Dog race finishes and the two events combine to make for a great winter weekend of fun. The photo above is of a kid already to go on the slingshot ride and the other photo shows one of the old 'machines in action. The older sleds exhibit a much larger degree of variety than newer models do as more companies were producing them back then.