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Winter is wonderful at Pike's in Fairbanks (Fooled You)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hope everyone is doing well. Things are good around here except it is really cold again and the roads are really slippery so it would be nice if all the folks on the road would be considerate of the other drivers on the road and stop speeding and stop tailgating!!!

It is actually a bit quiet around here so I really do not have a lot to pass on. I watched a really good show the other day. It was called Icy Killers/Salmon Sharks. Now, last summer we actually saw Salmon Sharks( Well, their fins anyways) while we were in Seward.

If I had watched this show before then it would have been great. It seems they migrate thousands of miles to Prince William Sound to feed on the salmon that migrate there to spawn. They migrate alone and are programmed to go to Alaska and their babies will do the same. They are a bit different looking then most sharks. I really like their underbellies as they are spotted. Looks pretty cool. They are warm blooded and they can raise their body temperatures a whopping 68 degrees to stay warm while feeding. It is pretty cool to watch when the feed, except to me it seems like they work very hard for each fish, they jump out of the water while feeding to catch the salmon. If I were a salmon shark, I would just swim by and open my mouth, LOL. I would never be able to take the cold water though, I would be a very wimpy salmon shark. I wish I could raise my body temp by 68 degrees now and it’s only 17 below zero at the moment. So, I am not exactly sure why I am rambling about Salmon Sharks, but if you get a chance, I would suggest you watch the show. It was very good.