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Intro to Offa's Dyke- the 182-mile Adventure

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The following weekly blog entries are accounts written up by Deborah, Pike’s Waterfront Lodge Marketing Director, detailing her exploits hiking along Offa’s Dyke with her husband, Martin. Offa’s Dyke is a 15-day, 182-mile walk that took the brave Deborah and Martin through a gauntlet of perils as they walked, hiked, and slogged along the border of England and Wales. Each day they hiked a considerable distance through all manner of geography, encountering both mundane and fabulous beasts, some benign, but most dangerous as they attempted to safely make it to their next bed and breakfast each night. Faced with the perils of the road, these fearless travelers soon took up arms to insure that their walk would not result in their certain doom. Edited for clarity as most of these stories were composed while soaked to the bone and pursued by ravenous wildlife, I have nonetheless endeavored to retain the spark and spirit that animates Deborah’s original manuscript. Read on to discover the thrills and chills of Offa’s Dyke!