Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact Lost and Found?
    If you left or lost something in your room or at Pike's, please let us know as soon as possible.  We need to know where you left it, what it is and how to contact you.  We log all left behind items in the sleeping rooms and hope to reunite you with your property.

    Please contact or call 907-456-5200 extension 5.  We have someone checking these two messages seven days a week during the summer and during the regular work week in the winter.  If you need to speak to someone right away, you may call the front desk at 907-456-5200 extension 0.
  • How far is the Lodge from Fred Meyer’s?
    It is 1.2 miles

  • How far is the Arctic Circle?
    The Arctic Circle is approximately 150 miles north of Fairbanks.

  • How far is Pike’s Landing from the hotel?
    75 - 102 paces depending on how long your legs are. Jay can walk it in 75 paces

  • Is there an ATM machine at the hotel?
    Yes, in the lobby gift shop.

  • What is your dog policy?
    We welcome your dogs to Pike’s Waterfront Lodge. All that you need to do is let us know that you are bringing a dog, and we will book you into a dog friendly room. We charge a $25.00 non refundable pet deposit per day. We expect that you will take good care of your dog which includes not leaving your dog unattended in your room or in the hotel and that your dog will take care of you- making sure that you clean up after him or her. We have four rooms set aside for dogs and their owners since some of our other guests are allergic to pets. Unfortunately, if your dog persuades you to sneak him or her into a non-pet room, you will be liable for $300 in cleaning charges. We hope that you enjoy your stay at Pike’s. 

  • When are the Northern Lights out?
    They are visible when the sky is dark (fall, winter, spring) and clear, with a low or minimal moon and with the appropriate solar activity. If you would like to be awakened for a display, please let the front desk know.

  • What are the hours at Pike’s Landing restaurant?
    Lunch- Monday thru Friday 11:00am to 2:30pm

    Dinner - 7 Days in Dining Room 10:00pm summer (9:00 winter)

    Dinner - 7 Days on Deck & Lounge 2:30pm to 10:00pm Weekends 11:00pm

    Saturdays - Deck Menu 11:30am to 11:00pm

    Sunday Brunch - 10:00am to 2:00pm

  • What are your check-in/check-out times?
    Check-in is 3 p.m.; check-out is 11 a.m.

  • Do you offer airport transportation?
    Yes.  Contact us when you have your bags. The free phone is at the bottom of the escalator when exiting to the baggage claim area. We are #3 on the phone. You will also see the Pike's ad with the number.

  • Is Pike’s named after a fish?
    No – It is named for Lloyd Pike who homesteaded the area, though he was known for having a rather toothy demeanor. He sold part of his land to the Airport and built Pike’s Landing in 1959 on the other part. In 1967, Pike’s Landing was washed down the Chena River in the flood, was rebuilt as the log structure you see today in 1969, was then sold to Don Pruhs in 1979 who sold it to Guy and Lillian Kasnick in 1989 and was finally sold to Jay Ramras in 1999. Jay built Pike’s Waterfront Lodge Hotel in 2000.

  • How far is Pike's from Denali National Park?
    Pike’s is a two hour drive or a four hour train ride.  We pick up at the depot every day in the summer and on the weekend in the winter.  Please let us know if you need a ride.


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