Hydroponics at Pike's Greenhouse

Background and Information by Petra Davis

On July 15, 2009, the Green Star Award was presented to Pikes Waterfront Lodge. The Green Star Award recognizes statewide companies that are dedicated to ecological advances. Among other initiatives, Pikes Waterfront Lodge is the first Alaska business to use a hydroponic aggregation system in a corporate greenhouse.

A hydroponic growing system is one in which plant are grown in a nutrient solution with or without the use of an artificial medium. By utilizing a hydroponic aggregate system, Pike’s is in the forefront in ecological awareness and community involvement.

A Hydroponic aggregation system is highly productive, conservative of natural resources, and ecologically responsible. Typically sunlight, water and nutrients are the main abiotic factors in the productivity of standing crop. The hydroponic system in Fairbanks allows routine watering and controlled amount of essential nutrients, as well as taking advantage of the long Alaska summer days all of which enhance the ultimate productivity within the greenhouse.


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