Pet policy - Dogs Only

We welcome your dogs to Pike’s Waterfront Lodge. All that you need to do is let us know that you are bringing a dogs, and we will book you into a pet friendly room. We charge a $25.00 non refundable pet deposit per pet per day. We expect that you will take good care of your pet which includes not leaving your pet unattended in your room or in the hotel and that your pet will take care of you- making sure that you clean up after him or her. We have four rooms set aside for pets and their owners since some of our other guests are allergic to pets. Unfortunately, if your pet persuades you to sneak him or her into a non-pet room, you will be liable for $300 in cleaning charges.

Pike's Loves Dogs

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Traveling North With Dogs?

My little family had the most wonderful experience over the weekend and I just wanted to share it with you. My husband and I had to drive to Fairbanks Friday morning. Instead of getting our housesitter, we decided to take the girls with us. I had made reservations at Pikes Landing, but having never been there, I didn't know what to expect. We were greeted at the door and asked if our girls had accompanied us. When we replied, "Yes", the receptionist reached under her desk and produced 2 lovely green dog bowls. Those were "gifts" for the dogs. She then handed us handfuls of dog bones - Not the cheap ones either! We were given a handicapped room - it wasn't being used and we have 2 big dogs. It was spacious, extremely clean, and odor-free! Since it was an accessible room, it had a walk-in shower. Sophie thought that was the greatest thing EVER! When it wasn't in use, we kept the water bowls in there. Spillage went right down the drain! When the shower was in use, Sophie just walked right in and took advantage of a little spa time. Whenever we were in the hallway with the girls, the staff would stop and talk with us/them. They commented on the canine behavior, appearance, etc., and they wanted to know if we needed anything. EVERYONE we encountered was friendly! It seemed that loving dogs was a prerequisite to working at the hotel. It was so fun and a real pleasure to stay at Pikes. I would certainly recommend it to anyone traveling with dogs! 
P.S. While packing up yesterday morning, I looked at the bottom of the green water bowls. They were from IKEA! How perfect...


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Chris from Wasilla: "Well done, always a good experience."

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