Making Friends, Making Energy

Pike's Waterfront Lodge earned a Green Star Award in 2009 and remains committed to reducing waste and our carbon footprint while maintaining the high level of service and comfort our guests know to expect. Through our continual efforts, and with your help, we can continue to improve.

Going Green

Green Star® is a non-profit organization in Alaska that encourages businesses to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention. Some of the steps we've taken to meet their high standards of environmental responsibility include:

  • Using more energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Adjusting dryers to increase efficiency and reduce the dry time.
  • Transitioning from plastics to compostable materials at winter breakfast service.
  • Using environmentally-friendly chemicals whenever possible.
  • Recycling paper in our business office and aluminum cans in our gift shop.
  • Installing carpets and window coverings made of recycled materials.
  • Donating used cooking oil to a bio fuel co-operative.
  • Installing low-flow shower heads that conserve water.
  • Replacing older televisions with more energy efficient flat-screens.

Reducing our carbon footprint is an iterative process; as conditions change, we will add improvements as we can and maintain the excellent level of service for you, our guest, that we can be proud of.


In conjunction with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, we converted our greenhouse to a hydroponics-based food growing business as a pioneering, sustainable supply effort.  Learn more

Solar Energy

We’ve installed solar panels on the roof of the Copper Lodge, which produce 21,000 kilowatts of power. We produce power even in the winter! This is the first large commercial installation in Alaska. We also participate in Golden Valley Electric’s program to subsidize other solar energy generators. You can contribute too; please ask about the SNAP (Sustainable Natural Alternatives Power) Program at the front desk.

Local efforts

The local power utility, Golden Valley, is encouraging alternative power use through the Sustainable Natural Alternatives Power, SNAP, program. This program encourages households to invest in wind or solar power generation. We encourage you to contribute $1.00 to SNAP on check in or check out and we will pass along the donations to Golden Valley.

What you can do

As our guest, you can make an impact by turning off the lights, television, heater and air conditioning when you do not need them. Also, only 60% of our guests keep the same sheets and towels for more than one night. This small action conserves a considerable amount of water. Will you help bump that percentage up? There is a card in your room with instructions on how to indicate to housekeeping that you wish to participate in this program.


The recycling programs have come and gone in Fairbanks based on the economies of shipping recyclables out of state. We are currently providing recycling areas in our stairwells for now. We hope to implement a wider recycling program in the future.

"We stayed a week at the Pikes and LOVED it. We could not have been happier with the service and everything else they offer. The staff was A+, the room was clean and the location was great. We had the balcony room on the first floor overlooking the river and it was as promised. I just don't know how anyone could complain about the location or anything else about the Pikes. WE requested the riverfront view and everything was perfect. The restaurant at Pikes Landing was so very nice. WE will be back to Fairbanks and you can bet we will stay at Pikes again. Thanks again for a wonderful stay and you should be very proud of your staff and services you provide. The final week of our 3 week vacation was perfect. And to top it all off we were able to see the Northern Lights right from the balcony of our room. What a perfect ending to our Alaska Vacation."

Margie from Texas